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Refer to our website for listings of stolen boats, engines, and trailers. These lists are posted at no charge to the owner or to the investigating agency, and are intended to assist the owner and law enforcement agencies in the recovery of stolen items and to protect prospective buyers. This list is not to be considered a comprehensive list of all stolen boats, engines and trailers, but we do post all items we receive. If you locate any of the items posted on these webpages, please contact your local law enforcement agency ASAP and also alert us to the items location.

If your boat, engine or trailer has been stolen, report it to your local law enforcement agency.


We invite you to send us particulars and a photo of any stolen vessel, engine, trailer, marine equipment or recreational vehicle. We will post it on our page at no cost to you. Please ensure to update us with the status of the items you send us.




























Stolen Boats Canada
(Formerly Pacific Marine Investigations)
Phone: 778-229-6932
Email: jgibson4@telus.net

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